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O&O CleverCache

O&O CleverCache increases the performance level of your system
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Contrary to the popular belief, if you have the latest hardware or optimize the memory consumption of your system, this is not enough to ensure a smooth running of your games and programs, as you forget that the file cache management of your Windows system is equally important. O&O CleverCache has been created especially to deal with this aspect: managing the file cache settings in such a way that your computer will run at its highest levels of performance. It basically reduces the file cache of the minimized programs in order to increase the available main memory resources which will result in faster response times for the active applications.

O&O CleverCache makes avoiding the notorious system freezes a simple task. It comes with an intuitive interface that doesn’t require dealing with intricate settings – a simple start of the O&O CleverCache “agent” is enough to have the program running and doing its job. I appreciate a lot this simplicity of O&O CleverCache, as most system performance optimization tools are quite complicated.

I also like its profile management feature, as it allows thorough customization of the cache loading settings, making the program effective regardless of what you primarily use your system for. Even though the default settings are suitable for most users, those in need of complete control over how the program works or in need of deeper customization possibilities will surely appreciate this feature.

If you’re interested in maximizing the performance level of your system, you should give O&O CleverCache a try, as it comes with a different approach (file cache optimization) that might prove to be more effective than you’d expect.

Margie Smeer
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  • Allows creating customized optimization profiles.
  • The customized profiles can be exported to files.
  • Neat and intuitive interface


  • Its effectiveness also depends on the existing performance level of the computer (on the newest computers with the best hardware and where the OS is freshly installed, the effect of this application can be hardly noticeable)
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